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Child orthodontics

Child Orthodontics, are something that is not only necessary for our children’s oral health. Are children being teased in school because of deformed teeth or smile? Is there fright of public speaking?

A mouth to grow healthy and beautiful.

  • Incorrectly grown teeth are now fixable.
  • No more children teasing or bullying in school because of unevenly grown teeth.
  • Promote self-confidence in children and later in life
  • We employ the latest materials and techniques for a perfect result after orthodontics treatment

Why is orthodontic treatment needed?

  • Because it will prevent cavities and dental problems in the future.
  • Because bite and chewing problems are corrected.
  • Well-placed teeth equals a healthy smile.

Find out if your children need braces

  • If you have misplaced teeth.
  • If the shape of your smile is irregular.
  • If when your child chews or closes his/her mouth feels discomfort.

Call CitiDental today, and schedule your children, for their regular and check up, as well as evaluation to see if orthodontic treatment would be necessary and beneficial to them.