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Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are now within your reach! You’ve found the dental team at CitiDental, and they’re dedicated to affordable dentistry and your optimal dental health. Implants are an ideal option for replacing missing teeth for many reasons. Mini dental implants are even more likely to work for you if your teeth are small, the gap left from the missing tooth is narrow or you need premolars or front teeth.


You’re not alone if you have missing teeth, as close to 15 million Americans are missing one or more teeth, many due to accidents and sports-related injuries. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), nearly 300,000 implant procedures are done every year, and the demand continues to grow around the world.

The AAOMS reports that: “More and more people are getting dental implants to replace missing teeth. They’re a long-term solution that is imbedded in your jaw bone, just like your natural teeth. Plus, unlike fixed bridges or removable dentures, dental implants don’t affect neighboring healthy teeth or lead to bone loss in the jaw. If properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime.”

Mini dental implants are just the latest technology innovation at your dentist’s disposal. With mini dental implants, you end up with the same results you get from more conventional dental implants. Talk to your dentist at CitiDental about whether you’re a suitable candidate for mini implants to replace missing teeth.

Mini Implant Dentures vs. Regular Implants

Both types of implants are made of titanium that’s screwed directly into your jaw. The procedure provides you with the strength and stability to bite and chew as you did with your natural teeth. Often, however, your gum and bone health cannot sustain traditional implants. The location where you lost the teeth also may be inconvenient for placing implants.

Mini dental implants are much smaller than regular implants, typically from 2mm to 3.5mm in diameter, whereas regular implants usually are bigger, up to to 6mm. The smaller size means that mini implants don’t require your dentist to insert the implant as far into your bone and gums. They are ideal for replacing smaller teeth or when you need new premolars or front teeth.

Mini Dental Implants Advantages

Dentophobia, or the fear of dentists, is a common affliction that keeps people out of the dentist’s office. This fear may prevent you from getting necessary treatments or even considering traditional implants that can take up to nine months to complete the process.

Mini dental implants, on the other hand, require only one surgical procedure that lasts no more than two hours. You can expect to be fully healed within about two days too. You can receive your crowns and mini implant dentures quickly, avoiding extended visits. Talk to your cosmetic dentist <Link to Cosmetic Dentistry> at CitiDental if you have these kinds of fears; he’ll work with you to find the best plans to suit your needs.

The Treatment Process

You begin with a thorough examination of your entire mouth. Finding out about your bone density is important before you get your new teeth, particularly when it comes to mini implant dentures. You don’t need as much prep for mini implants as you do for regular implants. The entire procedure often can be done in one visit. It may even be possible for you to leave with temporary teeth that same day.

At the same time, even mini implants require minor surgery that usually requires only local anesthetic. But if you still feel anxious about the process, any potential discomfort or have very sensitive gums, CitiDental offers the latest in sedation dentistry to ensure your comfort.

Mini Implants Work

Mini dental implants can sustain crowns, bridges and mini implant dentures just as easily as full-sized implants. The technique minimizes pressure on your jaw and gums as you chew or bite. This is especially important if you have fragile bones.

The titanium used in implants is completely compatible with your body; so there’s little risk of rejection. At the same time, regular and mini implants help preserve the bone in your jaw, and they stimulate additional growth.

Mini Dental Implants Aftercare

Implants of all kinds still require that you maintain proper oral care. Authority Dental reports that the lifespan of mini implants varies, depending on a number of factors, which include:

  1. Osteoporosis or other bone diseases
  2. Smoking
  3. Lack of implant care
  4. Alcohol or substance abuse

You’ll receive instructions about how to brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush. And regular flossing is vital to remove bacteria and food particles between the implants and the spaces between your remaining natural teeth. Bi-annual professional dental cleanings and checkups also should remain a priority. Any problems with your implants can be quickly remedied so they remain healthy and strong.