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Family Dentistry

Your Queens family dentist practices cosmetic dentistry too, so you and your family can get the best of both worlds. A family dentist ensures that your physical needs are met. A cosmetic dentist works with you to reach your goals and improve your appearance. A family dentist provides services to all your family members, whether you need orthodontics for your teen or dentures for your mother. As you get older, you may want whiter teeth or braces no one can see. When you rely on the best dentist for all your dental needs, you get a dentist who knows you already.


Going to different dentists for varying services takes time, a resource you don’t have a lot of.  That’s why a one-stop dental practice like CitiDental is ideal. You can get the cosmetic procedures you want and get cavities filled, emergency care and dentures all at the same place.

Your Queens family dentist looks after your entire family’s dental health, working with everyone from your eldest to your youngest. Get a winning smile makeover that accentuates your dental work. Your family dentist diagnoses and then treats your oral problems prior to giving you any cosmetic solutions. Yes, here you’ll find a true one-stop dental practice.

Dental Health Is the First Priority

Conditions like gum disease and throbbing tooth pain often lead to serious complications when they’re left untreated. And they get worse if you wait. Prevent tooth infections and tooth loss by following the at-home instructions your family dentist provides when you visit, such as:

  • Developing the habit of using recommended toothpaste when brushing twice a day
  • Flossing at least once a day to get rid of bacteria that brushing misses
  • Rinsing with an approved fluoride mouthwash
  • Staying away from food and drinks with high sugar content
  • Making appointments for everyone in your family twice a year to get professional cleaning

Your kids have a better chance of developing these healthy hygiene habits when they’re allowed to build a relationship with the best dental team in Queens. Visit CitiDental as your youngsters first begin to cut their teeth. That way, they’ll know better what to expect and won’t develop a fear of the dentist. And those positive oral hygiene habits will stick with them for a lifetime!

Necessary Treatments When You Need Them

All the dental treatments your family needs are provided by your family dental team. And they keep it pain-free with the most up-to-date sedation techniques. From a dental accident, to an ongoing dental issue, your family dentist already has your records, so the practice is ready to offer the best treatments. The common dental procedures you may need include:

  1. Filling cavities
  2. Diagnosing tooth pain
  3. Addressing tooth trauma
  4. Doing root canal procedures
  5. Doing tooth extractions
  6. Giving you crowns to protect cracked teeth and root canals

Cosmetic Dentistry Complements Family Dentistry

A family dentistry practice that also offers cosmetic dentistry is ideal for your entire family. You already trust your family dentist, so when you’re ready to improve your looks, the existing relationship helps you trust that you’re getting the best advice. CitiDental provides a full range of procedures to complete your smile makeover with treatments and products that include:

  1. Teeth whitening
  2. Porcelain crowns
  3. Dental implants
  4. Dental veneers
  5. Flexible dentures
  6. eMax and BruxZir crowns
  7. Clear braces
  8. Bridges

Your family dentist can provide restorative services as well, such as:

CitiDental: A Family Dentist for the Whole Family

This family dentistry team offers it all. Contact us for an introductory appointment to make sure the dentist and his trained staff meet all your needs with:

Additionally, your family dentist offers facial aesthetic services, so you really can get complete, one-stop care. Available services include:

Your dentist even offers treatment for sleep apnea and jaw pain, conditions that directly impact your dental health and well-being. CitiDental does it all!