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Same Day Dental Implants

When you’re missing teeth, especially if the gaps are in the front of your mouth, you may not be able to wait weeks to get teeth replacements. Same day dental implants may just prove to be the ideal solution, and they’re now available at your Queens dental office. At CitiDental, your family dentist who also is a cosmetic dentist, may be able to fit you with one day dental implants if your jaw bone and gums are healthy enough to support the posts.

Even with only one missing front tooth, you may avoid smiling and laughing in public, meeting new people or going after a new job. In addition to affecting your self-confidence, tooth loss also plays a role in your dental health because you can’t bite and chew correctly.

If you’re eligible for same day dental implants, they offer an ideal solution. Talk to your family dentist at CitiDental to find out whether you’re a candidate for same day implants to complete your total smile makeover.

The Skinny on Same Day Dental Implants

Dental implants typically require a lengthy recovery period before you can get them crowned. Same day implants provide similar results, and have proven to be very popular when you haven’t experienced extensive bone loss, common after losing teeth. Adin Dental Implant Systems: reports: “Known as ‘immediate loading,’ this process allows for the attachment of a temporary crown or bridge on the day of implant placement. In doing so, it provides patients with an immediate aesthetic solution, and in many cases, a functional one too. Although not appropriate in all cases, clinical experience has shown that, given the right circumstances, using the immediate loading protocol is often by far the best course of action.”

You first undergo a complete checkup of your gums, teeth and bones. Before same day dental implants are used, you must take care of any other oral issues you have, such as filling teeth that have decay or cavities, as well as treatment for periodontal disease. Sufficient bone density is crucial to provide enough support for the one day dental implants. If not, you may have to get a bone graft before continuing.

Advantages of Same Day Dental Implants

Obviously, the greatest benefit is that you receive your same day implants in one visit, unlike traditional implants that require a longer recovery, which may last weeks or months. During that time, you may have to wear temporary dentures until your mouth has healed.

Once you get your one day dental implants, you can begin eating foods you enjoy. With conventional dental implants, as you wait for your permanent crown, bridge or implant dentures, you’re restricted to a diet of soft foods.

Same Day Implants Process

Implants are placed into the space left from tooth extractions. An incision made in your gums is required before the implant is placed. You can rely on regular mouth numbing medication or ask your dentist to provide you with state-of-the-art sedation dentistry available at CitiDental.

After the implant is secure, the crown is attached onto the implant. For the pain you may experience once the numbing wears off, your dentist can prescribe you pain medications for a day or two. Follow aftercare instructions closely and ease discomfort with rest and ice packs.

Same Day Implants Risks

Same day dental implants are made out of titanium, just like conventional implants. Titanium is compatible with your body, meaning the risk of rejection is nearly non-existent. Additionally, the metal post actually encourages more bone growth. But just like with any dental surgery, risks associated with one day dental implants do exist.

Because your gum is fragile, pressure can cause the implant to shift, leading to implant movement. Infections due to improper dental care after surgery also pose risks. According to Authority Dental,For the same day dental implant to be successful, the implant cannot move. Because of this, … the dental professional must insert the implant in a way that ensures it doesn’t move at all. A same day implant needs to fuse with strong bone and should most likely be able to withstand a certain amount of torque. … The risks of same-day implants are not unique from other dental procedures.”

One Day Dental Implants Longevity

The success rate associated with same day implants averages more than 80 percent. The longevity of the implants always is determined, however, by the continued strength of your jaw. When your dental health remains good and your tooth loss is due to a sports injuryaccident or isolated damage, your chances are good that the implants can last for life.

Keep up with your regular dental checkups and cleanings to ensure long-lasting success. Proper daily flossing and brushing are critical to maintain your dental health and the continued strength of your one day dental implants.