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Cosmetic Dentistry

The field of cosmetic dentistry exists to do more than make you look good — although it certainly does that. But improving how you look can play a huge role in your well-being. Cosmetic treatments very often support the dental work you’ve had in the past, while preventing further damage to your gums and teeth. Since your family dentist at CitiDental is a cosmetic dentist too, you get full-service dentistry — which means both a more attractive smile and better health for you and your entire family.


Many aspects of your life are affected by the appearance of your smile. Restorative dentistry and cosmetic procedures backed by proper dental care boost your confidence and well-being. Your social life, career possibilities and physical health benefit from a well-rounded oral plan of care. Your cosmetic dentist at CitiDental is proud to offer your family a complete array of dental services in Queens that includes cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry procedures.

CitiDental is a cosmetic dentistry practice offering one-stop oral prevention and restorative care for your whole family. You need a general dentist for all the adults in your family, an experienced dentist for pediatric dentistry and and emergency care, and a team that provides orthodontics for both youth and adults. You’ll even find sedation dentistry available when you need it.

Specialties of Cosmetic Dentistry

Once your dentist agrees that your overall dental health is secure, you can consider options to give you the smile you desire. Researchers at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine report that “cosmetic dentistry crosses all specialties and offers a wide range of options, including tooth whitening braces and crowns .”

At Albany Dental, you get both general dentistry to maintain your oral health and cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile’s appearance. Expect exceptional service and results when you receive both from a single restorative dentistry practice. Some common restorative dentistry procedures include:

  1. Juvederm treatments
  2. Botox injections
  3. Facial fillers

It’s affordable dentistry services like these that make your cosmetic dentistry cost all the more valuable in Queens. Other treatments may include:

  1. Dental bridges
  2. Dental plates
  3. Dental implants
  4. Clear braces or Invisalign retainers
  5. Dental veneers

Your Cosmetic Dentist Has Options

With your dentist’s recommendations, you get to choose which plan ideally fits into your goals and budget. Teeth straightening may not be your highest priority, but perhaps you prefer to replace a missing tooth with a permanent single tooth implant.

A more intensive cosmetic dentistry cost investment may include top-of-the-line porcelain crowns,  sturdy zirconia crowns or even full-mouth implants.

Start with the Basics

The best dentist for cosmetic treatments gives you options for improving your appearance once you achieve great dental health. Beauty and wellness and beauty combine for your ultimate well-being. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) reports: “Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile. We believe that esthetic dentistry must complement the overall general and oral health of the patient.”

At CitiDental, you can rely on general dentistry skills to maintain your dental health and cosmetic dentistry practices to create an appealing appearance. Expect exceptional results and friendly service when you get both from a single restorative dentistry practice. Common restorative dentistry treatments available in Queens include:

Root Canal Procedure

Cosmetic dentistry costs vary because they’re based on your overall health, which your family dentist monitors closely. At times, you may need restorative dentistry as part of your smile makeover  preparations. Your total cosmetic dentistry cost includes the general dentistry procedures that maintain your complete oral health as well.

Maintaining function, as reported by the AACD, is just as important as improving your appearance. The best dentists at CitiDental offer the latest techniques — from sedation dentistry to digital imaging — to maintain your overall wellness. Restorative dentistry interventions that you may require include:

Your Queens cosmetic dentist learns your goals and then advises you on the best course of action. He works with you to develop a plan to restore the smile and self-confidence you desire. Call today for a consultation.