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eMax Crowns

While you have many options for crowns, you need your cosmetic dentist’s expertise to determine the best solutions. And since your cosmetic dentist at CitiDental also is your family dentist, you have access to a one-stop dental practice that’s concerned about your dental health as much as your appearance. eMax crowns are one of the best options in a dentist’s toolbox.


Your family dentist may suggest dental crowns if you have discolored, decayed, chipped or broken teeth. You have choices for the material used to make your crowns. You can get resin, porcelain and metal crowns.

A popular choice for replacing front teeth is eMax crowns, made by Ivoclar Vivadent. According to the company website:

“At Ivoclar Vivadent, a research team of more than 130 employees across the world spends countless hours developing comprehensive solutions to oral health and dental problems. Our scientists collaborate with renowned international institutes and universities to develop and test products before they go to market.

“At our applied research, development and testing facilities in Liechtenstein and North America, we focus exclusively on creating innovative, market-relevant restorative and prosthetic materials and equipment. Beginning with the predevelopment stage and continuing through rigorous testing until the product is introduced to the market, the process can take years.

“Many of our developments, which are geared toward the needs of patients, have become integral aspects of daily dental practice. They result from the interplay between technical feasibility, market orientation and experience. Therefore, our innovations will become tomorrow’s standards.”

Why eMax Crowns?

Crowns, sometimes referred to as dental caps, cover damaged teeth and restore them to their natural size, shape and color. eMax crowns are increasing in popularity because of their aesthetics, durability and strength. eMax crowns are created from lithium desilicated ceramic.

Discolored and damaged front teeth can lead to self-consciousness and a lack of confidence. Your cosmetic dentist understands the importance of appearance. Any artificial teeth should complement your facial features and look as natural as possible. At the same time, you need enough toughness to withstand biting with your new teeth.

eMax Crown advantages include:

  1. Exceptional durability and strength
  2. A very natural appearance, ideal for front teeth
  3. Precision design for a better fit
  4. No use of metal alloys
  5. Quick creation with the assistance of computer software

eMax Crown Disadvantages

You’ll find many reasons to choose eMax crowns for repairing damaged or decayed front teeth. While there are few eMax crown disadvantages, you should consider:

  1. Cost, which tends to run higher than other crown options
  2. They’re not always suitable if your teeth are darker
  3. Ineffectiveness for back teeth and molars used for chewing
  4. Not ideal for multiple teeth replacements

You don’t use your front teeth for hard chewing, which is why eMax crowns serve best as front tooth replacements. If you have darker teeth, zirconia crowns may provide a better solution. Your cosmetic dentist at CitiDental helps you decide which option is best for your needs and fits into your budget.

eMax Crown Prep and Seating

eMax crown prep is performed easily and quickly right your Queens dental office. Once any other dental procedures are complete, such as filling a cavity or inserting an implant, your mouth is number and a tiny portion of your tooth’s outer layer is removed. To ensure your ultimate comfort, if you need it, the latest techniques in sedation dentistry are available at CitiDental.

Digital impressions are taken of the tooth that will receive the crown. Then the image is sent to a computer to perform the milling process. This fabrication process includes cutting off the necessary amount of lithium disilicate from a block your dentist keeps on hand. The exact color and shape of your tooth is matched. The cap then is fitted over your tooth before adjustments are made. The entire eMax crown prep and seating usually can be done in one visit.

Potential eMax Crown Problems

There few eMax crown problems. But there are minor risks involved with all dental procedures, such as allergic reactions to the medication or materials. An abscess may form, requiring a root canal. Risks are greatly reduced, though, when you get your crown from your family dentist in Queens.

eMax crowns hardly ever break or chip. You may experience some discomfort for a day or two after the procedure, but this should subside completely in a day or two. Call your dentist if you experience prolonged discomfort or pain or have any other concerns.

Caring for eMax Dental Crowns

Caring for eMax crowns doesn’t require any special considerations. They look and feel just like your natural teeth and are cared for similarly with daily brushing and flossing. Continue to visit your dentist bi-annually for checkups and professional cleanings.

With proper dental care, you reduce the risks of eMax crown problems and improve your chances of keeping the crown for 15 years or more. Contact CitiDental for a consultation appointment today!